Fan Tan

Three Chinamen were playing Fan Tan; one man comes running to them and screams – The world is about to end! First Chinaman says, “Well, I am going to pray”, the second Chinaman says, “I am going to buy the most expensive wine and enjoy” and the third one utters “I will finish the game

Connect Four

When talking about board games, one can’t miss out “Connect Four”. This game is also known commonly as “Plot Four”. It is played by a minimum of two players. There are coins available in two colors. Usually, these colors are yellow and red. One player chooses a color and automatically the other color goes to

Pictionary Game

There are so many informative board games that not only entertain people, but also increase their knowledge. Some games are meant to be played with kids because they add value to their knowledge. One such game is Pictionary. It is a basically a game of guessing wherein teams of players can play together and enjoy!

Betting on Sports

Despite varying opinions regarding the authenticity of betting or gambling, essence has it that it is completely harmless and can be profitable provided you get fortunate enough, owing to your tremendous strategic skills. It is, therefore, an interestingly appealing venture that you should consider giving a try; you’ll lose nothing after all by trying it

Red Dog

Red dog is a very popular casino game not only in India but all over the world. It is a game of luck and chance which is played with cards. The first game was played at Harold club, Reno with a standard 52 deck cards with the rules set out as below:- The game is

Chinese Checkers

Some games are evergreen but when it comes to board games, the discussion is incomplete if Chinese Checkers is not mentioned. This game though called Chinese Checkers actually originated in Germany. The game can be played by two players and can go up to six players. The board looks like a star with six corners.

Battleship – Board Game

“Fight the enemy where they aren’t” – Sun Tzu from the Art of war. Worldwide known as a pencil and paper game which dates back to the era of World War I, Battleship is an attack based game based on guessing and requires a minimum two players. In 1967, it was released on plastic boards

Snakes and Ladders

Some board games are simply timeless. These few board games never age and have been played by many generations. “Snakes and Ladders” is one such board game. It is liked by all and people keep on enjoying it no matter how many times they have played it. People play it back to back because they

Wahoo Board Game

There is nothing better than the whole family sitting together or friends together around a board and playing a game. Board games work as a catalyst in bringing people together and filling the atmosphere with love and laughter. Some of the board games require only two players and some can go up to ten players.