Battleship – Board Game

battleship-board-game“Fight the enemy where they aren’t” – Sun Tzu from the Art of war. Worldwide known as a pencil and paper game which dates back to the era of World War I, Battleship is an attack based game based on guessing and requires a minimum two players. In 1967, it was released on plastic boards by Milton Bradley and later on in 1980, the same was launched on a graphical presentation on computers and its computerized version was available in the market.

The game is played on a 10 x 10 grid and the grid is defined by letter and numbers. Both the players secretly arrange their ships on their grid and record the shots called by the opponent, and on another grid record their own shots. There are 5 types of ships namely:

  • Aircraft carrier – size 5
  • Battleship – size 4
  • Submarine – size 3
  • Destroyer – size 2
  • Submarine – size 1

These need to be arranged without overlaps on the grid vertically or horizontally in any direction. The number of the first three is one each while the last 2 are two each to be placed on the grid.

After positioning the ships, the game continues in rounds where each player calls a grid block to be shot at. The opponent needs to disclose if that hit is on a ship on his grid and if not, he needs to say “miss”. For better tracking, the hits are marked in red and misses with another color in order to guess the opponents’ fleet or ships. When all the grid blocks of a ship are hit, the ship sinks and the ship owner mentions the same (e.g. Sunk battleship). If all the ships of a player sink, the opponent wins.

Though earlier, two players were needed to play the game, but since the game is now computerized, you can even play the game alone against artificial intelligence.

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