Chinese Checkers

chinese-checkersSome games are evergreen but when it comes to board games, the discussion is incomplete if Chinese Checkers is not mentioned. This game though called Chinese Checkers actually originated in Germany. The game can be played by two players and can go up to six players. The board looks like a star with six corners. All the players aim for reaching “home” first. Home is basically the opposite corner of the star. It is basically a race that requires strategy and calculation. Players make their moves keeping in mind the possible moves made by the other players.

The players continue to play the game until they reach their destination. While moving towards “home”, a player will either walk or jump but try to win by reaching it first. You can take one step at a time. The only situation in which a player can take two steps ahead is by jumping over the marble of the other player. This way, the opponent’s marble goes off the board and your possibility of winning increases. In order to decide the turns, one person can start and then the rest can decide whether to go clockwise or anti-clockwise.

There is no age limit to this game as it can be played by kids and adults both. The marbles can only walk diagonally to the immediate vacant space. The best way to play this game is by trying to find a way where no one will be able to jump over your marbles and you can be the first one to reach “home”. If a player is able to register this in his mind and play accordingly, then the probability of winning will increase. This game will keep all the players on their toes throughout the game.

The object of this game works on two basic principles which are you need to reach fast, and remove the opponent’s marbles. With these two taken care of, the game is yours!

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