Connect Four

connect-fourWhen talking about board games, one can’t miss out “Connect Four”. This game is also known commonly as “Plot Four”. It is played by a minimum of two players. There are coins available in two colors. Usually, these colors are yellow and red. One player chooses a color and automatically the other color goes to the opponent. There is a tray with a stand that is placed between the two players, and one by one the players start putting the colored coins in this stand. This stand has got six rows and seven columns.

Motive: In this game, players try and drop their coins in such a way that they end up making a line of their color in rows of “fours”. These lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Every line of four is considered as one line individually.

At the end of the game, both the players count their lines. The player with the maximum number of lines is considered the winner. It is not a very complex game; however, strategy and calculation of moves are required to play this game. Players choose their moves, not just on basis of what they will get if they do so, but also on what the opponent might get if they make a certain move.

The game is very popular among children. Kids not only learn strategy from this game, but also learn how to count. Even though the game is not complex, it requires application of the brain when it comes to winning it. The total number of pieces to play this game is forty-two. It can be a great game for a family get together where there are kids. To make this game even more enjoyable, people can make teams and one by one each player can play against the other team’s player. At the end, the scoring can be counted and the winning team can be announced.

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