Pictionary Game

pictionary-gameThere are so many informative board games that not only entertain people, but also increase their knowledge. Some games are meant to be played with kids because they add value to their knowledge. One such game is Pictionary. It is a basically a game of guessing wherein teams of players can play together and enjoy! It cannot be played by individual players because in this game, one player draws a picture and another player has to identify the picture by calling out a name.

So the game starts with a player moving one piece on the board at a time. Each and every square has got a specific English letter or a shape on it. This letter or shape basically talks about a picture that is required to be drawn on it.

The motive of the teams playing this game is to reach the end as soon as possible. So, the first team to reach the end of the game is considered the winning team.

he guess that a player makes need to be accurate. This guess can be in form of a word or a phrase that is drawn by the other partner of that team. In case a player is on an “all play” named square, one player from every team gets an opportunity to elaborate it at the same time. In this situation, the first team to guess the correct word or phrase gets the credit.

Pictionary cards are picked one by one and each player attempts to draw a picture that talks about the exact word that is printed on the card drawn. This picture has to be free from any numbers, words or direct clues. All Pictionary cards have got five words on it. The player selects the word as per the square description. This square can be a person, place, object, action, difficult and all play.

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