Red Dog

red-dog-is-a-very-popular-casino-gameRed dog is a very popular casino game not only in India but all over the world. It is a game of luck and chance which is played with cards. The first game was played at Harold club, Reno with a standard 52 deck cards with the rules set out as below:-

  • The game is played with three cards with aces high
  • The start of the game begins with a wager and two cards are placed on the table with face up.

There are three possibilities

  • If the two cards are in repeated order (eg. a nine and a ten, or a queen and a king) then the wager is returned.
  • Second, if the first two cards dealt are of equal value, then the third card is dealt and if the third card is alike then the wager is paid off in the ratio of 11:1, else the wager gets returned.
  • If none of the above happens (for eg. a seven and a nine), the dealer announces the spread which determines the return on the wager (a one card spread, in the example) and the dealer will deal a third card. Before the third card is dealt, the patrons can double the wager. If the value of the third card dealt falls between the two cards already dealt (for eg. An eight in this example), the patrons will receive the payoff according to the spread, or else the bet is lost.

The payoff of the game depends on the spread of the cards, the higher the spread the lower will be the payoff on the wager made. Red Dog game is as old as the history of playing cards. It is a simple game and that’s the reason it’s very popular on the Internet as well. One can play around 100 hands an hour and be away from boredom for hours.

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