Wahoo Board Game

wahoo-board-gameThere is nothing better than the whole family sitting together or friends together around a board and playing a game. Board games work as a catalyst in bringing people together and filling the atmosphere with love and laughter. Some of the board games require only two players and some can go up to ten players.

One game that can accommodate two to six players is “wahoo”. It is an amazing game that can be played by both kids and adults. The motive of people playing this family game is to get their marbles in the safe zone. While getting yourself in the safety zone, you have to try and take out the marbles of your opponents and get them to start their journey again. This starting area is all around the board, and while doing this, you have to get your marbles in the safe zone (also known as home).

With the rolling of the dice, this game begins as the one who gets the biggest number on the dice gets to play first. Like many other board games, a player requires a one or a six on the dice to start the game. Every time a player rolls a six on the dice, he gets an additional turn to roll the dice. One has to try and get the marbles in the home area as soon as possible. The tricky part comes when a player rolls the dice and his dice gets placed on a space where another player’s marble is already sitting. This means the other player has to go back to the starting area and start his journey towards home once again! The player who gets all his marbles in the home first is considered as the winner.

This game is usually played by 2 or four players but if considered partners, then it can go up to six players. Usually, marbles are colored as red, green, yellow and blue.

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